T3 Coupé

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The T3 tram and the city of Prague are an inseparable pair. In collaboration with the studio Anna Marešová designers, the Prague Public Transport Company, a.s., has conceived a pleasure tram that continues the tradition of the legendary Tatra T3 tram by framing it in a new context while respecting its authentic visage. The opening of the rear section of the vehicle and combination of original elements with modern technologies has given rise to an ‘old⁠-⁠timer’ to prove that even in public transport there is room for some real luxury.

Not only does the tram offer passengers the pleasure of riding through the city in a semi⁠-⁠open vehicle, it lets them do so in style. When looking for ideas, the designers most often turned to the original T3 tram, but they also went back further in time to older vehicles. For instance, the interior features a bar inspired by a similar fitment in the 1950s T1 tram, where it served as a counter for ticket sales. Another distinctive piece of inspiration can be found in the roof windows, a nod to the famed Škoda 706 RTO bus. The designers have even included details such as a ticket punch, a permanent fixture in the tram and one that will come into use at the start of each journey, as passengers will be given original T3 Coupé tickets. The new tram preserves the poetry of the 1960s and as such is a celebration of the work of designer František Kardaus (1908⁠–⁠1986), the creative mind behind the original Tatra T3 tram.

In 2019 the T3 Coupé tram was honoured by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award (press release).

Rental of the T3 Coupé sightseeing tram

The T3 Coupé was built at the Prague Transport Company’s Depot Hostivař. The project, including the design and construction, took two years.

The tram has been available for rent since 18 November 2018. For rental information, please go to: http://www.dpp.cz/en/rental-of-historical-trams-and-the-urban-mass-transit-museum/